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video sphere

Video Spheres

The videosphere is a spherical screen that is fully projected with video or laser. There is international patent protection for the variant of playing from the inside.

Garbicz Festival 2019

AirGlobe,, into light as well as Kugelbliss collaborated to create an ever-changing spherical reality at Garbicz Festival 2019. The front projection with four projectors enabled an extreme graphic precision, which turned the installation into a visual highlight of the festival.

Technical equipment:
4x 4500 ansilumen projectors with wuxga
1x 2,5 m sphere made of GFK with contrast-enhancing special coating
1x video server

Holzmarkt Berlin 2019 Xmas

After the great success of the sphere screen at the Garbicz Festival 2019, the organizers of the Christmas market at the Holzmarkt in Berlin asked for a revival. In the process, the installation proved that it can endured four weeks of winter weather. It was the city's largest Christmas ornament ball without any Christmas related motifs.

Technical equipment:

4x 4500 ansilumen projectors with WUXGA
1x 2,5 m globe made of GRP with special contrast enhancing coating
1x videoserver

Garbicz Festival 2022

After the pandemic break, this festival has blossomed again in full force. We participated with a world premier. The video spheres were illuminated with moving heads instead of video projectors. Simpler in the choice of motifs but at the same time brighter, clearer and easier to use. This application is also covered by our international patent protection.

Technical equipment:
5x AirGlobes
5x moving head laser with gobo 450 watt

Hamburg Altonale 2021

The Altonale is an annual street festival in Hamburg. The organizers presented their own video content on the spherical screens. After a short briefing, they were able to operate the installation independently during the event period.

Technical equipment:

2x AirGlobes

2x 10.000 ANSI lumen projector

2x video player

Touch sphere for Here at CES 2020

In 2019, AirGlobe developed the hardware and the software for a touch controlled spherical screen for the exhibition booth of the company Here at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. The screen interactively displayed the global activities of the navigation provider. The HID succeeds in both rotating the content and triggering various actions on marked touch points. Connection to any subsystem succeeds by data transfer via OSC.

Technical equipment:

Infrared-based, high-speed camera

proprietary software.

Arte Concerts 2020

AirGlobe created a studio decoration for an ARTE Concert production at Klunkerkranich Berlin. The roof terrace was covered by three AirGlobes. 360 degree visuals were used and served as cut scenes of the United We Stream Live production.

Technical equipment:

3x AirGlobes

3x 9.000 ANSI lumen projectors

1x video server

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