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Sphere Art

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Garbicz Festival 2019

AirGlobe,, into light as well as Kugelbliss collaborated to create an ever-changing spherical reality at Garbicz Festival 2019. The front projection with four projectors enabled an extreme graphic precision, which turned the installation into a visual highlight of the festival.

Technical equipment:
4x 4500 ansilumen projectors with wuxga
1x 2,5 m sphere made of GFK with contrast-enhancing special coating
1x video server

Hamburg Altonale 2021

The Altonale is an annual street festival in Hamburg. The organizers presented their own video content on the spherical screens. After a short briefing, they were able to operate the installation independently during the event period.

Technical equipment:

2x AirGlobes

2x 10.000 ANSI lumen projector

2x video player

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